exercise bands.jpg

Mini Finger Resistance Bands

Thingiverse Object / Instructable - Available Soon

Ever feel the need to work out just your fingers? Yeah me neither... Anyway, all you need is access to a half decent 3D printer, a rubber band, and a paperclip! The rest is rather self explanatory. 

C-Clamp iPhone Stand

Instructables Project - Featured

Like clamps? What about iPhone stands? Now you can have both! This step by step guide will walk you through everything you need to know about making one for yourself! Project can be found HERE!

Progress Organizer / Storage Bin

Available on the Building Hero's Etsy Page

This handy hanging paper organizer started as a cardboard prototype in the SLA @ Beeber makerspace. With a little help it turned into a great way to teach the younger building heroes about joinery. Learn more HERE!

Carpenter Pencil Levels

Instructables Project

Born from a sketch made in the midst of a college project, these handy tools are great to have lying around. You never know when you'll need a pencil, or a level. Project can be found HERE!


Pegboard Small Parts Bin

Thingiverse Object

I am a big fan of using peg boards but needed a place for all of the small things that don't fit onto hooks, so I made these super simple bins! Feel free to print your own, the files are available HERE!

Town House Organizer 

Instructables Project - coming soon

A fun and simple way to organize all of your EDC objects! Pretty easy to make, even easier with a laser cutter. Keep an eye out because the how to guide will be up soon!

3D Graffiti

Thingiverse Object

For a long time my brother and I have been using the symbol on this robots sign to create stickers. I wanted to bring our graffiti into 3D. This is the first of a series of 'NAWABOT' robots! keep an eye out for the next! Print one for yourself HERE


Instructables Object - coming soon

Inspired by ... well falling paper, these easy to make floating metal shelves are wonderful additions to any desk! As soon as I finalize the attachment method, I'll have them up for anyone to make. Keep an eye out!


Fortune Cookie picture frame

Thingiverse Object - coming soon

For all of the times that your fortune cookie resonates all too well. Soon in magnet version! 


Self-Watering Planter

Thingiverse Object - coming soon

Do you love plants, but fail to remember to water them once a week? Me too. This little guy stores water in the base and wicks it up to the plant when needed so now you've got more time to remember!